How to feed your puppy

Careful attention to the daily allowances recommended on pack will keep your dog in good condition and avoid too much weight gain.

How to feed your puppy
Give Several Small Meals

Depending on his age, your puppy should be given up to three meals a day at scheduled times. Always give your puppy his food  in the same bowl placed in the same place. This will teach him  good eating habits.

Don’t overfeed

Review the feeding guidelines recommended on the puppy food package and measure each serving accordingly. 

Make Sure Water Is Always Available

Your puppy must always have access to a bowl of fresh clean water. Change the water regularly, as puppies tend to play with it.

Number of meals per day per size

MINI Breed  
Up to 4 months 3 meals per day
From 4 to 10 months 2 meals per day
MEDIUM Breed  
Up to 6 months 3 meals per day
From 6 to 12 months 2 meals per day
MAXI and GIANT Breed  
Up to 6 months 3 meals per day
From 6 to 15 months 2 meals per day

Follow feeding guidelines on the puppy food package
Make sure your puppy always has access to fresh clean water
Keep feeding time consistent

Respect the puppy-to-adulthood transition

As your puppy reaches adulthood, their nutritional requirements will change. It is important to provide your adult dog with a diet that will meet his nutritional requirements and needs. When changing your dog’s diet, make sure to gradually mix the food
 over a seven day period, increasing the amount of the new food added each day so that 100% of the new food will be provided to the dog by day seven. This will help to avoid any digestive stress and diarrhea.

Don’t overfeed

Feed your dog a highly digestible food, precisely formulated for his age, size, breed and body condition. Not only do giant dogs like Great Danes look different than small breed dogs like Chihuahuas, they metabolize food differently and even age differently. Consider choosing health nutrition formulas with your puppy’s adult size in mind.

Food Transition Period

How to judge the quality of a dog food

The quaility of the food is dependent on the quality of the ingredients used. Highly digestible ingredients that provide all the nutrients the dog needs are key to a good dog food.


Nutritional needs change as your dog ages
Change your dog's food slowly to avoid digestive stress
Highly digestible ingredients are key to Health Nutrition food 

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